Borcane - Tripack 3x10 Gourmand - Patissier

Borcane - Tripack 3x10 Gourmand - Patissier


Borcane is a pastry evocation around vanilla and rum, inspired by the tasty Bordeaux pastry.

Minimum unit retail price: 18,90CHF  TTC


Tripack of 3 vials of 10 ml (PETG- UV Biophotonic)

Nicotine levels

Made in our VAPE CELLAR Laboratory
Developed in 0 - 6 - 11 - 16 mg/ml nicotine

In tri-pack of 3 vials (PETG UV Biophotonic) of 10 ml

Complies with CE manufacturing standards [Child resistant cap - opening tamper-evident ring]

- Propylene Glycol (<60%) European production ISO 9001 - ECOCERT 26000, derived from vegetable glycerin from rapeseed and sunflower seeds, guaranteed without palm oil
- Vegetable Glycerin (<40%) European production ISO 9001 - ECOCERT 26000, pure vegetable glycerin rapeseed, guaranteed without palm oil
- Aromas: exclusive design products in Grasse (FR), approved for the use of the Vape.
- Quality nicotine to EP/USP standards (Premium Grade pure nicotine) - Production in Switzerland (CH) in Pharmaceutical Laboratory
- No water, ethanol or sucralose added

Quality & Regulatory Compliance
All our blends comply with the entire European marketing regulatory system:
CLP classification - Amended EC Regulation 1272/2008, in accordance with the new Regulation 67/548/EEC (DSD) & 1999/45/EC (DPD)
SDS according to REACH - EC Regulation - 1907/2006 amended
Declaration of compliance with INRS-ANSES (Decree 2014/128 of 12/02/2014)
Notification on the EU-CIG European Platform for their placing on the market according to the European TPD regulation (Directive No. 2014/40/EU).

Recommended hardware
Atomizers (MTL) : Nautilus (Nautilus 3, Nautilus GT...) - POD Flexus - Tigon - Dotmod (Dotstick - Dot AIO) - Svoemesto Kaifun Lite - Squape ...
0.7 ohms < Resistance - Coil > 1.5 ohms

Instructions for use and storage:
Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight or strong incandescent light. Keep the container tightly closed, away from air.
REMINDER: Read the recommendations for use before use


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