Red Skin - Barrel of Absolu
Red Skin - Barrel of Absolu
Red Skin - Barrel of Absolu
Red Skin - Barrel of Absolu

Red Skin - Barrel of Absolu

A balanced blend of Virginia Doré tobacco flavours

Latakia with a vanilla note

The color is amber and shiny, the aromas of hay and cedar slightly vanilla are present.

In the mouth, it is soft and round, the subtly woody finish stretches over several caudalies.

A balanced aromatic blend that will appeal to smokers of "English blends".

(Maturation in barrels: 4 months before bottling)

VINTAGE 2022 - EDITION LIMITED to 1600 numbered bottles

(next vintage October 2023)

CMVC: 33,50CHF

Format Mix & Vape 6mg nicotine


Made in our VAPE CELLAR Laboratory

A first maturation in barrels, from Vosges oaks, with a medium heating that develops toasted and vanilla aromas. The contribution of tannins reinforces the complexity of the aromatic blend and gives it certain organoleptic qualities...

Developed in Mix & Vape format 6 mg/ml nicotine


Box including

- 1 Chubby Gorilla 60 ml filled to 35ml in zero nicotine,

- 2 bottles 10 ml in 16mg of nicotine.

Complies with CE manufacturing standards [Child resistant cap - opening tamper-evident ring]

- Propylene Glycol (<60%) European production ISO 9001 - ECOCERT 26000, derived from vegetable glycerin from rapeseed and sunflower seeds, guaranteed without palm oil
- Vegetable Glycerin (<40%) European production ISO 9001 - ECOCERT 26000, pure vegetable glycerin rapeseed, guaranteed without palm oil
- Aromas: exclusive design products in Grasse (FR), approved for the use of the Vape.
- Quality nicotine to EP/USP standards (Premium Grade pure nicotine) - Production in Switzerland (CH) in Pharmaceutical Laboratory
- No water, ethanol or sucralose added

Quality & Regulatory Compliance
All our blends comply with the entire European marketing regulatory system:
CLP classification - Amended EC Regulation 1272/2008, in accordance with the new Regulation 67/548/EEC (DSD) & 1999/45/EC (DPD)
SDS according to REACH - EC Regulation - 1907/2006 amended
Declaration of compliance with INRS-ANSES (Decree 2014/128 of 12/02/2014)
Notification on the EU-CIG European Platform for their placing on the market according to the European TPD regulation (Directive No. 2014/40/EU).

Recommended hardware
Atomizers (MTL) : Nautilus (Nautilus 3, Nautilus GT...) - POD Flexus - Tigon - Dotmod (Dotstick - Dot AIO) - Svoemesto Kaifun Lite - Squape ...
0.7 ohms < Resistance - Coil > 1.5 ohms

Instructions for use and storage:
Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight or strong incandescent light. Keep the container tightly closed, away from air.
REMINDER: Read the recommendations for use before use

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